Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thoughts of the day

back in 2010 i decided to blog. i was very much excited about it and it was going so well i decided to start a second blog and it started to go pretty good but then life began to get very hectic. I could not focus on anything but my life and all it's needs so i did not have the time to pursue the commitment of keeping up with two blogs so i took a break. My last child graduated and finally moved out this year. So i'm an empty nester now. Now I have time to reconnect with my blogging world.

Well i think i'm going to stick with the random thoughts and posts for this blog. I will most likely post pictures of my creations with food in which i love to photograph, possibly my big back yard and other interests of mine.
This is chicken soup. it is something different every time i make it but one thing for certain it always has chicken in it!

Anyways...while on my walk today i was thinking about my autobiography. Someone said to me the other day...'why would i write an autobiography?' after i had suggested to her she should write hers. 
I said, so your kids can know you a bit more after all you got the privilege to know them since they were born wouldn't you want them to know you when you were born?' 

well...i'm starting mine. I have 55 years of memories and experiences to record. My life wasn't exciting by no means but it is mine!  until next time! :)


  1. You gave your friend an excellent reason to write an autobiography!

    We used to have an old cemetery on our property, my siblings and I loved spending time there. I often wondered what life had been like for those buried there. It was then, as a child that I wanted to write about me, about my family, about my life, so that one day when I am no longer here others still no that once upon a time I lived, loved, and enjoyed life.


  2. Replies
    1. thank you Joyful! i agree! that is wonderful! getting the inspiration to write when you were a child. I hope you did get writing :) I have always enjoyed walking through cemetery's and wondered the same thing. thank you so much for visiting!