Sunday, February 6, 2011

IN THE BEGINNING~~~ A Glimpse of my personal history

I am the second youngest of six children that was born in 1959. My father was an abusive alcoholic and left the family when I was two. My mother raised us alone but with the help of some family, church members and of coarse, social services. When my youngest brother started school, mom went to work full time and my grandmother came to live with us.

We suffered many numerous trials seeing that we were a single parent home. The obvious being, financial. We lived in houses that had no running water, wood burning stoves and walls and ceilings that you could see light through. Going hungry? Yes. I know what it is like to not only be deprived of a father but of food and clothing as well.

Spaghetti, milk and rolled oats being our staple food. I know what it is like to be cold. I remember all of us children cuddling in one bed with few blankets and clothes piled high on top of us so we could keep warm.

We went to church, didn't swear, kept ourselves clean. Mom would clean the house once a week but the rest of the time it was lived in and since our father left we began to be happier. Sad but true. Poor but happy.

The early years of my childhood was more difficult than in through my teenage years. We still lived in rented old houses and had tattered furniture but as we slowly gained our independence, we as children, went our separate ways to make a life for ourselves that was better than what we knew.

This is a bit...of my story.


  1. Oh I wish to hug you so bad Hope...
    take you so so so much.. <3
    lovely blog...=)

  2. thank you, BH. You are all kindness. But those are only facts and it could have been a lot worse.
    tune in next week for the continuing story of...Hope. :)

  3. The phrase that popped out at me was "Poor, but happy." It is such an encouragement to hear of people that can rise above adversities and not lose their joy.


  4. That is what jumped out at me as well,poor but happy. Glad your family found the silver lining.We were poor too when I was growing up. but there was love in our home. And that made all the difference. Blessings jane

  5. I am following your blog, you are welcome to follow mine as well. Blessings jane

  6. We all try to make our lives as good and as fulfilling as we can for our families. Tough years, if we survive them, have built our character, have strengthened our resolve. You are a strong woman, and are to be congratulated for the faith and the strength you hung on to.

  7. Do you wonder if you'd be different if you had grown up in a better(financial and 2 parent) household? You have such depth in your poetry and perhaps it was molded in your youth. Your Mother should be applauded for leaving an abusive relationship and keeping her family together and also the values that make good, functioning human beings. Your name is your legacy I think!

  8. joyful, Jane, thank you for commenting and for following. my motto is,..there is always a silver lining

    rosaria, all of us have a story to tell, all stories are important. all have hardships, some more than others, some more serious than others and it does build our character as you said, if we survive. I do believe it is my faith that was always there and has remained. thank you so much for your kind words.

    Yaya, yes, i believe some things would have been different but I don't know to what extent and to what direction it would have gone. Good or bad. We deal with what we are given and it could go either way. As a child I believed in the good of everything. I hung on to that belief and sometimes not to my advantage.

    If only I could be as strong as my mother was. All I know is that she was human, made some crazy choices in her life (so have I) but changed what she could for the better (I can say that for myself as well). She believed in hard work, not looking back to the past and her faith was strong as well. thank you for stopping in and commenting. I've always liked my name :) on the next post, i'll tell you how I got it.

  9. Hope, I'm so glad you started this new blog!! I have always wondered a little about what makes you tick behind the poetry. This explains so much...why you think and feel so deeply. My life was a little like yours except my mother did not leave my father. We struggled and had no extras but we children always knew our mother loved us. That was the saving grace. When my mother died, I was left with my father... I asked heaven WHY? But the answer was astounding...he changed in the last 4 of his 87 years and became kind and good. It was a huge gift to me.
    You are an amazing writer and being a product of life, made you what you are. I'd love to hear if maybe that's why you have a large family to love now. Bet so on this blog journey of your life!

  10. Donna, thank you for saying so. I'm happy that you are pleased and I am grateful for your interest and for sharing a bit more of your life as well.
    Amazing about your father...we just never know. I've always told my children to not give up on people and themselves.
    We are all here learning and developing our character.

    Creativity, l agree that this is sad but...there is hope!
    thank you for your comment

  11. It makes me remember how lucky I am/was.
    Thanks for referring me to your blog, I look forwards to reading more posts in the near future.

  12. yet...I am lucky as well. :) thank you for visiting Miranda