Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CREATION ~ Masterpieces in the making.

The general feel of this second blog is to share a little more of myself to you to open up the subject of our own unique stories. Human life is a masterpiece in the making and I...am only one in this world of billions of people.

My story is not significant in terms of being a famous, well accomplished, or greatly admired person. I am not well known in the public eye or in my community but I am significant in my world of my family and my friends and yes, my foes as well and so are you. We are all part the great scheme of things in this universe. Our parts can be huge or very small but all are significant.

Let's open up and share and see what happens.

Besides the poetry that I write, I also love to paint with oils. I've done four but these three are my most recent. I am self taught with a little guidance from my sister who is well accomplished in this area.

These images that I copied are not my own for reason that these are lessons to get me used to handling the brushes, developing my own strokes, training my eye for colors and shadows. These are practice paintings for when I get confident enough to paint one of my own photo's.

the first one is a scene that I really enjoyed working on for the sake of learning value. Boring because of the lack of color but liked the result

I wanted only to concentrate on trees with this one. the ground, I think, could use more detail but I find that all of my paintings seem to lack it at the bottom. Perhaps it's because it is physically awkward for me or perhaps I get bored. Could be both. Something I will have to work on.

this one was my first project. Talk about diving into the deep end first. But I love a project that is beautiful, full of color and lots of detail. I really enjoyed this one

What are some of your interests and or hobbies?


  1. Hi Hope, Thanks for your comment on our blog! Sorry the animation is not working...what one did you try? Email us at admin@thecutestblogontheblock.com and we can help you with it!

  2. Hope!!!So surprised to know you have another blog.MARVELOUS!!Love your painting.A true artist indeed.So privilege to have come here.Hope to see you often.Personal stuffs are keeping me off my writing but hopefully can come often.

    Btw,tried to post on your poetry blog but can't post a comment.Thanks for dropping by to read my work.Always thankful for your support.